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Shamanic Astrology chart reading – Align with Life Purpose!


Shamanic Astrology chart reading for an individual, couples, partners, family members, friends or associates.

One and a half hour online session (see description for all that’s included).

Email to schedule your reading: lizzie@lizziemoon.com

Prefered payment methods:

Venmo – @LizzieKayMoon

Zelle – 623-432-4425

We all feel it … we sense it … we know something big is happening. Like a famous old song titled, “Times They Are A-Changin’” and all of humanity is at a very important juncture in history … and so are each of us individually.

The most important thing we can do at this important time is to know our purpose and work together with the cosmic rhythms and cycles.

A reading from the Shamanic Astrology Paradigm™ points toward the direction of our soul’s intent and how to tap into your personal best way to navigate the projects and processes of our lives.

Rather than being predictive or a mere personality description, the reading is an experience of the essence of our cosmic imprint; the energies we were born with, the ones we came to investigate, and the tools, equipment and cycles we encounter along the way that serve our soul’s purpose.

You’ll receive

  • a pre-session recording to introduce the approach and the type of information you can expect to receive
  • an online (via Zoom) session, (usually 1.5 hours)
  • a copy of the session recording
  • a copy of your chart
  • a personal Mandala and archetype description showcasing your “key” energies
  • an outline of your current Personal and Timeline transits with dates and keys to working with those cycles.


“I don’t think I”ve every had a reading that I saw myself so clearly. Great stuff you’re doing in the world.” ~ Karen

“Lizzie meets each participant right where they are and is masterful at guiding individuals to learn about their blueprint in this universe. Whether you have been on a spiritual path or not, I strongly recommend you invest in yourself and allow Lizzie to open your eyes and your heart to knowing more about your bright, brilliant self.” ~ Krystal Love Muller, Energy Medicine Yoga® Teacher

“Lizzie Kay Moon is amazing in so many more ways than just a few. Lizzie offered me a Shamanic Birth chart reading and it was mind blowing how accurate the chart and the knowledge she shared. It made sense to me more than most readings I’ve had. She was able to pinpoint areas healed and wounds not yet healed and it was information for me as Lizzie holds the safest space and uses words that are gentle and the information provided is received well. I’m grateful for Lizzie’s guidance, safety and compassion. Her passion for this work shines so brightly and recommend this to anyone looking a little deeper within. Thank you so much Lizzie!” ~ Heidi
“With heartfelt gratitude, I am blessed to have learned so much from Lizzie Kay about my astrological & energetic imprint during my chart reading. She is insightful, knowledgeable, passionate and easy to understand as she teaches. I gained a clearer understanding of myself, my purpose and why I have always tended towards certain areas of this life. The validation and detailed descriptions that Lizzie Kay gave to me are fascinating and accurate. My interest is piqued and I look forward to learning more from this wise and beautiful soul.” ~ Laura