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Shamanic Astrology Readings & Consultations

We’ve all had our encounters with astrology in one way or another whether we’ve occasionally read a horoscope, had a chart reading or gone into a deeper study. No matter what our perspective of astrology has been, the paradigm of Shamanic Astrology brings a much broader perspective  than anything we’ve learned about our “sun signs.”

Through a natal chart reading we get to experience our own storyline including our lineage, the intent and purpose of our current life, and the tools, equipment and initiations that will help us in fulfilling our purpose here.

Not small stuff!

The Shamanic Astrology paradigm celebrates that all places on the wheel (“signs” and planets) have inherent value and purpose for the culture and all of humanity! With an initial chart reading, one is able to get an objective view of the soul’s original intent for experiencing this life and how we’re guided, supported and directed into living our soul’s potential … if we choose!

Somatic Sensing &
Integral Breath Therapy
Private and Group Sessions

The name of a popular book, “The Body Keeps the Score,” couldn’t be more true! Everything that happens to, in and around us gets recorded in the cells and tissues of our physical body. Most of these events cause no noticeable effect … but other imprints get stuck — trapped — in the layers of our cells and tissues leading to detrimental physical, mental and emotional problems that can affect every aspect of our lives.
These effects may express as anxiety or depression, emotional outbursts, an inability to form intimate relationships, catastrophic thinking, eating and digestive disorders, muscle tightness and rigidity, excessive worry, doubt or fear, addictions, inability to manifest dreams or follow through, difficulty setting or keeping boundaries … and many other issues.
In order to resolve this trapped energy, we need to learn to tap into the messages and the wisdom that the body so graciously gives. However most of us have no idea how to actually do that! We’ve had years — maybe lifetimes — of learning how to listen to everything BUT the body, and have perhaps even endured trauma that seems to make the body a battleground.
When this is the situation it’s very difficult (impossible?) to reach our full potential and lead fulfilling and gratifying lives.
So how do we actually DO it? What are the practices that reprogram the patterns — the score — kept in our bodies?
An invitation to return to wholeness:

Through Lizzie Kay’s graceful and gentle guidance, learn how to access the immense inner wisdom held in the body and its ability to heal and reset our path to reclaim our own power, truly embody our soul and create the freedom to live full and authentic lives!

Using a variety of techniques & modalities — including Integral Breath Therapy, The Shipp Method of trauma-informed care, developmental psychology of somatic energy systems,  therapeutic body work and more — clients are able to release unwanted patterns and increase capacity for new energy to emerge!

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Breathwork, Meditation & Sound

Harmonic sound frequencies have been used to demonstrate and to create harmony and balance in the body for thousands of years! Ancient teachings focused on music as the main force for harmonizing the body and spirit, for affecting the emotions, and even effecting cures!

“Sound” is a vibrational energy which takes on the form of waves. Dr. Steven Halpern, PhD, even describes sound as the carrier wave of consciousness!

These waves are scientifically measured in units called “hertz” (hz) which measure the cycles per second which this energy creates; this is objectively known as “frequency” and subjectively experienced as “pitch.”

“Resonance” is the natural vibratory rate of an object. Every cell, tissue, organ, bone, fluid, etc., in our bodies has a healthy “resonant freqeuncy” producing a “harmonic” pattern.

These patterns or rhythms operate as generative factors in our lives — for instance, if our muscle tissues are “tense,” we may also “be” tense. Reasonably, when the “frequency” altars and the vibration is out of “harmony,” we may generate disharmonious states in our bodies and lives.

Viewed under strong microscopes we could see that everything — including the human body — is in a state of vibration. By regular, intentional immersion of our bodies — our cells, tissues, organs, bones, fluids — in harmonic sound frequencies we can receive a sort of “general tune-up” for our system.

We have the opportunity to quiet the disruptive “noise” of daily life and allow the sound to shower and re-harmonize us in ways that the busy brain can’t always analyze. We’re simply invited to actively listen and BE.

Combined with the practices of Conscious Breathwork and Meditation the beneficial effects of all 3 modalities are enhanced.

Sound Lounge

“The Sound Lounge is growing!! Experience the unique way sound fills the dome, swirls and wraps your whole Being! Crystal singing bowls, chimes, rainstick, drum and the soon-to-come symphonic gong bathe you in a primal, healing sound journey that infuses our body with healing frequencies that realign us into harmonious resonance. Join Lizzie Kay and other sound practitioners as they bring their techniques to share in this extraordinary space!”