SouLounge Spirit Retreat

SouLounge Spirit Retreat rests gracefully on 5 acres of Mother Earth affectionately named, “The Moon Ranch.” This special place is nestled in the northern foothills of the Estrella Mountain Range and borders the 19,840-acre Estrella Mountain Regional Park. This peaceful perch above the buzz of the Phoenix valley offers a quiet respite surrounded by nature and stunning views of the towering mountains as well as the distant city in lights

“Unique” is the word most used to describe this extraordinary place – literally inside Mother Earth, the grounding energy of this dome-shaped home is undeniable. The curved steel beam and concrete construction offer strength, stability and coolness (literally and figuratively!) to experience the indoor Sound Lounge, events and gatherings when the Arizona heat moves us indoors.

SouLounge Spirit Retreat @ The Moon Ranch offers a “place” – space for soulful events, meetings or gatherings, a starting point for hours of hiking and exploring nature, a respite from daily routines, a center in the SW Valley to connect, learn and grow our very souls.

Contact Lizzie Kay to arrange a visit, to discuss bringing your event or offering to the space, or to discover how the community of SouLounge Spirit Retreat can benefit you!


Lizzie Kay Moon

It was completely Divine intervention that brought me and this special place together! It was as if there was no other option but to follow the path laid out before me – to create a safe and comforting place to experience deep relaxation, heartfelt connection, and spiritual and energetic support in healing and exploring all aspects of the human condition.

My own journey of growth, healing, spirituality, education and understanding has led me to help others – privately and in groups – to embody their own inner power and FREEDOM! I am trained in trauma-informed somatic practices (through The Shipp Method™) that assist in processing energy and emotion stuck in the body and returning to wholeness. I am so deeply grateful for this transformative work in my own life and in the lives of clients who have courageously sought after and committed to their own healing as they discover the wisdom of our miraculous bodies, nervous system and heart! To me, there’s nothing more important than assisting and witnessing someone reclaim their own unwavering personal power and inner strength. Personally and collectively, we’ve had seasons of dis-ease, fear, injury, and many other forms of imbalance … and “the body keeps the score!” The practices I offer help us to “de-program” and “re-program” that score so that we can move back into our sense of safety, wellbeing, clarity … a return to wholeness, peace and freedom

I also guide clients through recovery programs in the areas of narcissist/empath relationships, substance abuse (and/or as an adjunct to 12-step recovery program or traditional therapy) and other practices including: sound bath, reiki, meditation & breath practice, intuitive guidance & readings, custom ceremonies and classes & workshops.