02may(may 2)3:00 pm05(may 5)11:00 amRISE TO PURPOSE at Blisstopia Retreats!Find your soul's purpose at the Great Turning of the Ages!

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We all feel it … we sense it … we know something BIG is happening!

Like a famous old song titled, “Times They Are A-Changin’” and all of humanity is at a very important juncture in history … and so are each of us individually.

Take a deep dive into what all of this change – in the world and within ourselves – means and how to tap into your personal best way to navigate this amazing time!

This retreat is for those who are aware of this important time in history and who are seeking a deeper inner-standing of their soul’s unique purpose and original intent for this lifetime.

How do we navigate these times, this chaos, and turn it into something useful? Something with purpose? Something fertile for new growth? How do each of us – individually and humanity as a whole – keep our hearts open as many things around us seem to be & bottoming out? & It seems that after all of our searching and researching, all of our awakening to new truths about the world and ourselves, all of our endeavors to find the best and/or & right & way to live a happy, free and sovereign life, we must ultimately follow the age-old adage, & Know Thyself.

Only as we know ourselves better, we discover what we want, what we need, what we are willing to do, willing to offer, to tolerate, to trust, to believe, to give, to keep, to surrender. We & get real & with ourselves and we take action on our own behalf.

We are inevitably brought to the brink of change. Which is often a process … Welcome to the beginning of an integral step in your soul’s journey! A weekend of deep understanding of your Self and your place in the cosmos and on this Earth at this Great Turning of Ages!

We explore ancient wisdom of the planetary and personal cycles of life at this time in history We show the unique way to work with these cycles on the timeline of your particular soul’s journey.

We apply this wisdom to your own very unique cosmic imprint and make it meaningful and useful to the vision quest of your life! You’ll receive an in-depth private chart reading before the retreat with recording Teachings on the cosmology of our time and what a birth chart represents Personal insight into your soul’s purpose and intent in this lifetime Workings on the Inner Sacred Marriage process to inner wholeness

Retreat is 3 nights/4 days. Includes nourishing meals, accommodations, yoga, meditation, guided breathwork, hiking, workshops, lake time, optional 1 to 1 sessions, and so much more!


2 (Thursday) 3:00 pm - 5 (Sunday) 11:00 am


Lizzie Kay